590 Elm St. Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone: (508) 339-5912
Fax: (508) 261-0274


Clean comfortable accommodations including:

Large, 4' x 8' indoor kennels with connecting door to exercise and cleaning areas are just right for larger dogs.

Indoor/Outdoor kennels have large outdoor covered area to afford privacy.

Smaller dogs reside in a private section a distance away from the larger dogs.

Our exclusive VIP Suites are for Very Important Pets. These suites feature beds with fresh linens and cookie on the pillow. TV turned to a Disney dog movie, soothing music 24/7, private balcony overlooking the yard, and more. Inquire about additional services and room rates.

For boarding guests, our house diet is a dry chicken base with low fat. We will mix wet when requested.

We provide large, luxurious, fleece mats and blankets for comfort.

Staff dispenses all medications for $1.00 each med per day for daycare and boarding guests, according to your instructions. If injections are required, there will be an extra charge.

Cats love us too:

Our feline friends enjoy their own, quiet residence separate from the dogs.

Each cat has its own private, six-level townhouse to explore.

With a large bay window overlooking the back yard, your cat can keep track of the day's activities.