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590 Elm Street Mansfield, MA 02048


About our boarding experience...

We have indoor and outdoor facilities with covered areas for more privacy. Your dog will love our large Kuranda bed and blankets.

Large, 4' x 8' indoor kennels with connecting door to exercise and cleaning areas are just right for larger dogs.



Indoor/outdoor kennels have large outdoor covered area to afford privacy.



Smaller dogs reside in a private section a distance away from the larger dogs.


Our exclusive VIP suites are for very important pets. These suites feature beds with fresh

linens and cookies on the pillow. TV turned to a Disney dog movie, soothing music 24/7,

private balcony overlooking the yard, and more.


Staff dispenses any medications your pet may need for daycare and boarding guests,

according to your instructions. If injections are required, there may be an extra charge.


For boarding guests, our house diet is a dry chicken base with low fat. We will mix wet when

requested. You may bring your dog's own food if you choose.


Playgroups supervised by our caring staff are complementary as part of your boarding stay.

Playgroups are determined by size and temperament of the dog.



Bring your cat in too!


Your cat can relax in a feline-friendly area that is away from the dogs.

Each cat has it's own six-level townhouse with a large bay

window overlooking the back yard so your cat can keep track of

the day's activities.















Check-In Time:

Pets may be brought in between 10am and 4pm seven days a week.


Checkout Time:

If your dog is not getting groomed, pick up time is before 11:00am in order to not be charged for pickup day. After 11:00am you will be charged for the pickup day. If your dog is getting a bath only the 11:00am checkout time applies in order to avoid being charged for pickup day.


Note: If you choose to pamper your dog with a full or complete groom, pickup time is extended to 6pm and you will be charged for the type of groom you choose, but the pickup day boarding fee is waived.

Boarding 1 Cat Condos Cat Area