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"My dogs, Suki and Noelle are very different from each other. Suki loves to play and Noelle is a "loner", but they both love Red Dog Inn equally as much! They literally try to get out of the car before it comes to a full stop to get to the front door of Red Dog. They have gone to other doggie daycare places, but they do not show the enthusiasm they do when we are going to Red Dog Inn. They start to whine and run back and forth in the back seat in anticipation of arriving there. I only wish we lived closer! It's a 30 minute ride, but totally worth it!" - Lisa D.


"Thank you for taking such good care of our dog! The staff was great - helpful, professional and friendly. They were great about returning phone calls and answering my many questions. We would definitely recommend Red Dog Inn and will definitely board our dog there again!". - Elizabeth C.


"Hershey runs to the door when we say "time to go to doggie daycare"! He can't wait to go play with his friends. We love the great staff and the terrific service. Thank you!" - Hershey T



I normally do not write this kind of testimonial, but I had to send something as a result of my past experiences with the Red Dog Inn.


First and foremost, your staff at the counter is first rate. Specifically, Tyna, Michelle, and the younger girl who I did not get her name, were first rate with receiving Lilly, as well as getting her back to me.


As a result of coming to you for a number of times over the years, when we pulled into the parking lot, Lilly not only knew where we were, but also could not get out of the car fast enough knowing where she was, but also knowing where she was going.


She was excited about the premise of great play, great care, and more importantly, the grooming she was about to receive.  After my last few visits, we have affectionately called a visit to Red Dog as her ‘Spa Day’, and it shows.  I was explaining the premise of the ‘Red Dog’ experience to a group of friends of mine who are also dog owners, breeders, and fellow English Lab owners, and the complements have not stopped.  She always comes back happy, well groomed, and ‘Wow, she looks awesome’.


Again, I normally do not send an email of this type, but it was necessary to make sure that the entire team at Red Dog knows that they are doing an exemplary job in making sure our dogs (like family) are properly taken care of in the instance when they cannot be with us.


Well done.-Denny G




Thorough grooming

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